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Tony Gonzalez salary: Tony may return to Falcons

At the time Atlanta Falcons fell about 10 yards short of a Super Bowl berth recent January, it was appearing as though future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez had played the final game of his 16-year career. Now, the Falcons are becoming increasingly hopeful that Gonzo might not be gone after all. Tony Gonzalez helped the Falcons go 13-3 and make the NFC title game last season. According to multiple team sources, the Falcons are cautiously optimistic that Gonzalez, the second-leading receiver in NFL history, will return for another potential title run in 2013. Sources close to Gonzalez, an unrestricted free agent, said he is contemplating a return at the right price, provided he can miss some or all of training camp this summer. "He will come back if they pay him $7 million and he doesn't have to do training camp," said one Falcons player familiar with Gonzalez's thinking. Another team source added, "If we offer him the money, he'll most likely

North Korea has cut off Hotline: Redcross with South Korea

North Korea has cut off: Redcross with South Korea North Korea on Friday cutted off a Red Cross hotline with South Korea as it initiated its war of words against Seoul and Washington in response to a military drill in the South and U.N. sanctions imposed for its recent nuclear test. The North had threatened to cut off the hotline on March 11 if the United States and South Korea did not abandon their joint military exercise. The Red Cross hotline is used to communicate between Seoul and Pyongyang which do not have diplomatic relations. "We called at 9 a.m. and there was no response," a government official from South Korea said. The line is tested each day. Pyongyang has also threatened to cut off a hotline with U.N. forces in South Korea, at the border "truce village" of Pammunjom. Tensions on the Korean peninsula have risen since the North conducted a third nuclear test on February 12, prompting new U.N. sanctions. South Korea and U.S. forces are co

Nice and unpredictable world of the Great American Ostrich Races

Well It may seem hard tobelieve it but this sport of ostrich racing has a a very long history. A statue of Egyptian queen Arsinoe II riding an ostrich was discovered in an ancient tomb, and racing the birds is a fairly common practice in parts of Africa. That's not to say it's easy. Ostriches can reach speeds of over 43 mph and their long legs can cover up to 16ft in a single stride. When ostrich racing featured in Disney fantasy film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time the filmmakers had to hire Moroccan horse jockeys as stuntmen. In the U.S., the Chandler Ostrich Festival in Arizona celebrated its 25th year this weekend. Ostrich racing is a major part of the festival and the runs were as eventful and crazy as usual. As the festival website asks: 'When was the last time you witnessed an ostrich race? If you haven’t yet experienced it, you must make it a point to attend this hilarious and unpredictable event. Ostrich races will captivate audiences with their crazy riders a

Hater app: Negative Alternative to Social Media

All the popular Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are intended to help users share their lives, but Hate App founder Jake Banks believes the language of "likes" used on these services forces us to be overly positive and restricts our ability to be ourselves. That's why he decided to develop an alternative social networking app called Hater, which is intended for sharing all the things you don't like. "It's really an answer to everything out there in social media. All you can do is 'like' things," Banks told Mashable. "I don't want to be the guy pretending to be someone I'm not. I want to be real and say, 'I'm sitting in traffic and I hate this.'" While you can post a comment like that on Facebook or Twitter, Banks' contention is that providing a dedicated community for dislikes frees up users to re-think the type of posts they share and vent a bit. Banks spent more than a decade directing comme

Kristen Stewart Mother Jules starts Directorial Debut With K-11

If you've ever wondered where Kristen Stewart gets that charming edge from, just ask her mother! Seasoned Hollywood script-supervisor Jules Stewart makes her directorial debut with K-11, a gripping prison drama that's a far cry from her daughter's Twilight Saga blockbusters. "I can't watch Spider-Man anymore," Jules tells Us Weekly. "I just can't watch six variations of the same thing -- it just makes me a little crazy." Instead, Jules sought out to make a film that she hoped would make people think a little bit more about something unique and different. Set inside a section of the Los Angeles County Jail reserved for LGBT inmates, K-11 explores the politics of race and gender equality through Raymond Saxx (Goran Visnjik), a businessman who is forced to deal with violence, crooked cops and a manipulative transgendered inmate named Mousey (Kate Del Castillo) on his quest to escape K-11, all while piecing together how he ended up there in t

Bieber cancels concert: Justin Concert was in Portugal

Justin Bieber cancels concert Justin Bieber has canceled one of his two scheduled concert shows this week in Portugal "due to unforeseen circumstances" ... this according to the website for the venue. Bieber was scheduled to play the Pavilhao Atlantico in Lisbon on March 11 and March 12, but the site now says the second show is canceled. A statement posted on the site (and translated thanks to the good folks at Google) reads, "Due to unforeseen circumstances, Justin Bieber was forced to cancel the second performance in Portugal, March 12." It continues, "The Canadian singer is eager to play for the Portuguese fans on March 11. Holders of tickets valid for March 12 should contact the respective place of purchase to receive a refund within 30 days of the date of the scheduled concert, which ends April 11." It's unclear what the unforeseen circumstances are, but he was hospitalized last week after collapsing backstage (though that wouldn't expl

Mandy Moore Exits: Star cast of Comdey pilot

Add caption American Lady Mandy Moore left the Star cast of the ABC comedy pilot Pulling. The under the works TV comedy series is based on the British series that followed three dysfunctional women in their 30s and aired in the U.K. from 2006-2009. The U.S. version is being shot on a single-camera by director Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect.) Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, who also wrote and produced Bad Teacher starring Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz, are behind the script and serve as Pulling's executive producers. The reason may be behind Moore's exit is due to casting issues. The Tangled star seemed to be rather understanding of the whole ordeal. “Many things change quickly as a pilot moves into production,” Moore said. “And in this case, Lee and Gene moved the character in a different direction, it was clear this wasn’t right for me. Rather than jeopardize the show, I asked to step aside. They and ABC were very accommodating, and wish them all the best in the fal

Michelle Obama going strong, What could be next?

First lady Michelle Obama champions one of her key causes — fighting childhood obesity — Friday at a summit held in Washington by the Partnership for a Healthier America. She is the group's honorary chairwoman. She had danced on TeleVision with Jimmy Fallon. She's dropped in at the Oscars, worked out on the White House lawn, sparkled at state dinners, become a fashion trendsetter. She's even gotten Americans to think more about what they eat. What's next for first lady Michelle Obama? From her new bangs-and-bob hairstyle to her dance moves to her couture gowns, people can't stop talking about her — and she kind of can't be avoided. She's a master of Twitter, a star of TV talk shows, a crowd-pleaser wherever she goes. But is she overexposed? Are we going to see even more of her on our screens in the next four years? Granted, she did not attend Saturday night's Gridiron Dinner with the president and the Washington press corps. But no less than Satu

Mandy Moore exits: new comedy pilot Pulling

Mandy Moore Exits comedy pilot Pulling Mandy Moore is making headlines after leaving ABC’s Popular comedy pilot Pulling. The project, written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky and directed by Jason Moore, revolves around three dysfunctional women in their 30s living their lives the way they want, even if society tells them they should have it all figured out by this point. Moore was to play one of them, Louise, who is optimistic and desperate to snag a husband. Moore was the first actor cast in a major role on the pilot, based on the praised 2006 British series. June Diane Raphael was cast as the lead and supporting actors were added. Word is those castings changed the dynamic, and Moore’s character evolved, leading to Moore’s exit. “Mandy is a pro, and has been very patient and accommodating with us,” Pulling producers said. “As we moved closer to production, it was clear we needed to go in a different direction for the character, and Mandy agreed to do what was best for the s

Roman Church thinks Europe slipping from its hands

People gather at St. Peter's Square at the Vatican ahead of the cardinals' conclave this week. ( March 10 , 2013 ) VATICAN CITY — The timing said it all. A smiling Pope Benedict XVI had just wrapped up an official visit to Portugal in May 2010, during which he praised Catholic organizations striving to protect families based on "the indissoluble marriage between a man and a woman." But barely 72 hours after the pontiff flew home, the president of Portugal declared that he would sign a bill allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed. With Spain having granted such rights five years earlier, the move turned the entire Iberian Peninsula, historically a Catholic stronghold, into an

Raja Bell Released: NBA Options Now Limited

Raja Bell was released by the Utah Jazz Raja Bell is released by the NBA Utah Jazz on Sunday after not playing for the team at all this NBA season. The release my signal the end of the road for the 36-year-old guard, who will become an unrestricted free agent after the season. Because Raja Bell was released before the March 1 deadline, he will not be eligible for the playoffs. Bell was known as a defensive-minded guard who was deft at three-pointers, but had trouble in Utah. He came into conflict with Utah coach Tyrone Corbin over playing time and did not play down the stretch last season or during the 2012 playoffs. During the playoffs, Raja Bell called Corbin “unprofessional” and said he wouldn’t play for the Jazz again. Bell followed through, skipping out on training camp and not joining the team this year — a decision the Jazz agreed with. Raja Bell said he would like to play in the NBA, and he has rumored to be joining the Lakers. The guard has a history with current

Sweeping banking reforms wont protect the public from crisis

Sweeping reforms to Britain’s scandal hit banks will fail to protect the public from another financial crisis, the Government will be warned today. In an embarrassing rebuke, the influential banking commission of MPs and peers accuses the government of succumbing to powerful lobbying from banks. It criticises the coalition for trying to ‘railroad ‘ through watered down plans to make the banking system safer, and calls for more hard line powers to break up all lenders’ High Street operations from their ‘casino’ banks if they try to break new rules. Warning: The banking commission says the Coalition has tried to 'railroad' through weak laws and calls for hardline powers to split High Street lenders from 'casimo' banks if they break rules The government’s arguments for rejecting tougher rules are rejected as ‘insubstantial’. The banking commission was set up by the Chancellor last summer after Barclays was fined £290 million for manipulating crucial ‘Li

Raja Bell released: by the Utah Jazz on sunday

Raja Bell released: by the Utah Jazz on Sunday Raja Bell was released by the Utah Jazz, but it comes with a tough lesson for the 36-year-old veteran. CBS Sports reported on March 10 that, while the Jazz released him in time to get picked up by another NBA team, they waited until the point where he can't play in the postseason this year. The deadline to for playoff eligibility was March 1, but because Utah waited until now, any team that picks him up can use him until the regular season ends, but won't be able to add him to their postseason rosters. It seems like a vindictive move towards a player who has been a disruptive force in Utah. Bell has clashed with head coach Tyrone Corbin, calling him unprofessional on one occasion. Because of his poor relationship with the organization, Utah has not used him since the last game of the 2011-12 season. Now, it is Utah who got the last laugh. They will pay out the remainder of Bell's $3.4 million contract this season, but he

Vince Neil hospitalized: from Motley Crue Concert

Vince Neil performs in Las Vegas in 2010. The 52-year-old Motley Crue singer was kept overnight at the hospital on Sunday. Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil was rushed to the hospital today (March 10), his bandmates revealed on Twitter. Neil, 52, fell ill with suspected kidney stones during a performance in Australia and had to be taken to the emergency room to receive care. Nikki Sixx apologized to fans on the social media site, writing: Sorry Sydney for a short set tonight but Vince had to be rushed to the hospital for internal pain. Will update you on his progress. Motley Crue member Mick Mars also took to Twitter to apologize to concert-goers, explaining, "Vince had an attack of kidney stones. He went straight from stage to the hospital." Motley Crue is currently touring Australia with fellow rockers Kiss and Thin Lizzy. The group was playing a second gig at Sydney's Allphones Arena when Neil started experiencing pain. Here is what yahoo news

Mother-of-two care worker fired for affair with boy of 16 at residential school

Places at the school cost the council up to £200,000 a year. x-husband was suspicious when teenager sent a romantic birthday card. It is thought Mrs Callaghan and the teenager are still in a relationship. Under investigation: Vicky Callaghan, 33, is being investigated by police after she allegedly conducted an affair with a boy she had been asked to help as a care worker A mother of two has lost her job as a care worker after being accused of starting an affair with a troubled teenager. Vicky Callaghan, 33, is believed to have been assigned the boy at a residential school where she worked to help tackle his ‘attachment issues’. But she is understood to have been dismissed after allegedly beginning a secret relationship with the 16-year-old, who had been placed there by social workers. The pair are still thought to be in a relationship, and Mrs Callaghan was last night being investigated by police over whether her behaviour constituted a criminal offence. Meanw

Raja Bell released: Utah Jazz Veteran Guard

Raja Bell is an American professional basketball player Raja Bell is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association. He was twice named to the NBA All-Defensive Team. The Jazz announced Sunday the release of veteran guard Raja Bell, who has not played for the team this season. Bell, 36, will become an unrestricted free agent once he clears waivers but is ineligible for the playoffs because his release came after a Mar. 1 deadline. A hard-nosed guard known for his defense and three-point shooting, Bell butted heads with Utah coach Tyrone Corbin last season over his playing time and a perceived lack of communication. Bell did not play much down the stretch last season and did not play at all during the 2012 playoffs. In May 2012, the Associated Press reported Bell called Corbin “unprofessional” during his exit interview and said he would not play for the Jazz in the future because of “irreparable” dam

She got her own guard dog: Mimi the Chihuahua shelters under fellow Crufts

Mimi the Chihuahua was pictured with Scrabble the Leonberger at Crufts. Scrabble won Pets As Therapy best dog on competition's third day. Crufts dog show boasts the best of preened pooches of all breeds, colours, shapes - and sizes. Scrabble the Leonberger and Mimi the Chihuahua demonstrated the impressive variety the competition has to offer, as they were captured together in an adorable photograph. Tiny Mimi stood between the front legs of sturdy Scrabble on the third day of Crufts, which saw 27,000 dogs fill Birmingham's NEC Arena over the weekend. Mimi the Chihuahua is dwarfed by Scrabble, the Leonberger, who won Pets as Therapy dog of the year Golden-coated Scrabble stood tall above little Mimi, who pulled off her best puppy dog eyes for the cameras. Both dogs work as volunteers for the charity Pets As Therapy and Scrabble won the charity's competition for dog of the year. Puppy poser: American Cocker Spaniel Ricky readying himself for comp

Cops kill teen gunman: Kid pointed gun at Cop

NYPD shot and killed a 16-year-old gunman after police say he pointed a gun at officers Teenager was spotted by anti-crime patrol officers in an unmarked police car Officers saw the teenager fidgeting with his waistband as he walked away from the group of men When police approached to speak with the young man, cops say he turned on them and aimed a .357 caliber revolver at them Kimani Gray, 16, was fatally wounded late Saturday evening in Brooklyn after allegedly pointing a handgun at undercover police officers A teenager in New York City was shot and killed by undercover police last night after they say he pointed a gun at them. Kimani Gray, 16, was shot in the leg and stomach when he pulled out a .357 revolver in East Flatbush, Brooklyn Police say they came across a group of young men on Saturday evening when Gray began walking away from his friends as he saw police arrive. Officers say the 16-year old began to adjust his waistband and started to act suspici

6 teens killed in crash: Ohio SUV Crash Identified

Carol Trimble of Warren, a family member of the victims, views the pond along Pine Avenue S.E. in Warren, Ohio where police say six teens were killed in the crash, Sunday, March 10, 2013 WARREN, Ohio — A sport utility vehicle carrying eight teenagers crashed into a guardrail Sunday morning and flipped over into a swampy pond in northeast Ohio, killing six of them while two escaped, the state highway patrol said. The Honda Passport veered off the left side of a road, hit a guardrail and overturned just south of the city of Warren, about 60 miles east of Cleveland, Lt. Anne Ralston said. Investigators say it came to rest upside down in the swamp and sank with five of the victims trapped inside. A sixth who was thrown from the SUV during the crash was found under it when the vehicle was taken out of the water. The two survivors escaped and ran to a nearby home to call 911, the highway patrol said. Ralston didn’t know where the teens were headed when the crash happened at about

Swedish princess dies: Princess Lilian dead at 97

Prince Bertil and his companion Lilian Davies smile on Jan. 13, 1976, shortly before their marriage. STOCKHOLM — The British-born Swedish princess whose secret 33-year romance with her royal husband became Sweden's best-known love story, died on Sunday at the age of 97, the court said. Princess Lilian was the commoner wife of Prince Bertil, who died in 1997. They met and fell in love in London during World War Two, but had to keep their relationship secret for decades for the sake of the crown and to avoid a constitutional crisis. "It is with sorrow that I have learnt that H.R.H. (Her Royal Highness) Princess Lilian is dead," Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said in a statement. "A much loved and appreciated member of the royal family has now passed away," he added. The royal court said in a statement that the princess, born Lillian Davies to a working class family in Swansea in August 1915, died peacefully in her sleep in the afternoon at her home in

Kerry Kennedy says she accidentally took her Ambien before crash

Kennedy, 53, says in a court filing she mistook her sleeping pill for daily thyroid medication The ex-wife of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants all charges from the July incident dropped This according to a 99-page motion that includes letters of support from famous friends and family like mother Ethel Kennedy Kerry Kennedy, daughter of late Robert F. Kennedy, is fighting to get charges against her of driving under the influence dropped by claiming she accidentally took her sleeping medication. Drugged driving: Kerry Kennedy was charged with driving under the influence in July and now says she accidentally took sleeping medication In New York court filings, Kennedy argued Friday she inadvertently took the drug zolpidem instead of her daily thyroid medication, prior to the July 13 incident. The filing claims the two bottles 'are virtually identical in size, shape and appearance.' Kennedy, who was once married to New York governor Andrew Cuomo, crashed her Lexus into a tr