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Ex-Chicago Bear charged: Faces tax charges

Former Notre Dame and Chicago Bears player Chris Zorich, is introduced as a 2007 inductee to the College Football Hall of Fame at a news conference in New York. An ex-Chicago Bear charged with tax evasion is prepared to plead guilty to four misdemeanor counts of not filing income tax returns. The player, defensive lineman Chris Zorich, made more than $1 million during that period. Some of that income reportedly came from a charity that Zorich founded, one that continued to take in donations even after the non-profit organization stopped doing any charitable work. Attorney Matthias Lydon said the ex-Chicago Bear charged with tax evasion could face up to four years in prison, but hopes to avoid any jail time. “He’s been looking forward to the day he could start putting this behind him,” Lydon told the The Associated Press. The ex-Chicago Bear could be facing more charges. The state of Illinois is investigating the activities of the Chris Zorich Foundation, which ceased it