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Bill Simmons suspended

Bill Simmons suspended, Yahoo Sports reported on March 14 that ESPN has suspended journalist Bill Simmons from Twitter for comments he made about the show "First Take." After an embarrassing back-and-forth between Richard Sherman and Skip Bayless, Simmons tweeted that it was "awful and embarrassing." He also said that Sherman did not win the argument because everyone lost, especially ESPN. ESPN has a social media policy against their writers that prohibits them from taking a stance against ESPN. Because Simmons said that ESPN was a loser in the segment, that is what got Bill Simmons suspended. The argument on "First Take" had Bayless asking Sherman if he was as good as other defensive backs in the NFL. Instead of defending his playing, Sherman took aim at Bayless and called out the ESPN personality for never accomplishing anything in his career. Sherman said he was one of the best in the NFL at his position and Bayless was not the best at his vocation. It