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600-year-old coin found

600-year-old coin found is making world headlines today, as The Epoch News reported this Wednesday, March 13, that the discovery of a 600-year-old Chinese coin deep in a Kenyan island has revealed that there may have been more trade between Africa and China before the arrival of Europeans than previously known. 600-year-old coin found Under the headline, “600-year-old coin found: Chinese coin is discovered in Kenya”, sources report that some relatively surprising news in world history may be made this week, as the discovery of this ancient coin suggests that there may have been some sort of trade relationship between China and Africa over six centuries ago. The coin itself is very small and made out of silver and copper, bearing a square hole in the center. The coins themselves were called “Yongle Tongbao”, added the report, and named after the Dynasty Emperor of the time, Emperor Yongle. His rule lasted between 1403 and 1425 in China. He w