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Octomom fraud

Octomom fraud. Octomom is being under investigation for welfare fraud, apparently someone turned her in, which started this investigation. According to TMZ on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, if this is true, Octomom could go to jail. Someone lodged a complaint with the L.A. County Department of Welfare Fraud Prevention that Octomom, Nadya Suleman, made close to $200,000 last year, but still collected welfare, as well as food stamps. Is this woman really that oblivious to the laws to do such a thing? She talked about being on welfare to the media, so if she was making money at the same time she cooked her own goose. If Octomom, who has 14 kids, makes $119,000 a year or less, she's legally entitled to welfare, but it sounds like she exceeded the limit by almost double. She scored all that money from her porn movie, where she self-pleasured herself on video. She also took a couple of stripping gigs. If Octomom did collect welfare when she was not entitled to it due to her income level, sh