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Punisher targets drivers: Rams Bad Drivers

A bus driver dubbed "The Punisher" is ramming bad drivers to teach them a lesson on the roads of Russia. A Russian man called the “The Punisher”. The Punisher targets drivers, So, Punisher has taken the law into his own hands. And, as a result, he has become a folk hero in Russia. He is known as "the Punisher" after the ruthless comic vigilante who dispenses brutal justice. Volkov has been in more than 100 traffic accidents, though "accidents" may be a He's caused most of them with his in your face - or in your rear-end - driving style. If someone cuts him off, Volkov just smashes into them.To ram home his point, he then posts the dashcam video of his exploits online. Wham! Volkov runs his bus right into the car's rear-end. Picture: Alexei Volkov, via YouTube. His YouTube channel has had hundreds of thousands of hits - and we mean hits. In an inteview, Volkov boasted that the courts have taken his sid