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4 Fatally Shot in Upstate New York; Police hunt for the Killer

Officials said that Mr. Myers shot at officers from a building in Herkimer, N.Y. They did not offer a motive for the shootings. HERKIMER, N.Y. — The first sign of trouble was a fire, which sent acrid smoke billowing above the village of Mohawk in upstate New York shortly after 9 a.m. on Wednesday.  As firefighters made their way to battle the blaze, the police said, the man who set the fire made his way to a barbershop in the heart of the village and shot four people with a shotgun, killing two customers and critically wounding two others. He then drove a mile to a carwash in neighboring Herkimer and shot and killed two more people, the police said, before fleeing and setting off a manhunt. The police discovered the suspect’s car near a building on Main Street here around 1 p.m., but as they converged on the site, the suspect opened fire, sending officers diving for cover and setting the stage for a tense standoff that remained unresolved as of early evening. Busin

4 killed in shooting spree

4 killed in shooting spree Police SWAT teams converged on a jewelry store in one of two upstate New York villages where four people were killed and at least two others wounded in separate shootings. Authorities have identified the suspect as Kurt Meyers, 64, of Mohawk. He is considered armed and dangerous and still on the loose in Herkimer, police say. Officials say guns and ammunition were found inside his apartment after emergency crews were sent to a fire there Wednesday morning. The Utica Observer-Dispatch reports that police are focusing on Freddy's Jewelers on Main Street in Herkimer, where two people were fatally shot at a car wash and oil change business. The newspaper reports that officials in the neighboring village of Mohawk, where two other people were killed in a barbershop, seem to think Meyers is still on foot somewhere. Other reports suggest he may have been picked up by a taxi. The two villages are about 65 miles east of Syracuse, on opposite sides of the Moha

Student brings $20K to school: Police investigates

Student brings $20k to school? Police are investigating a bizarre case in which a sixth grade student brought a backpack full of money to class with her. And the cash totaled $20,000. Police still don’t know what to make of the cash, although the girl who brought the money to school claims she found it in her neighborhood. The situation turned into a problem when the student not only brought the $20k to school, but started passing the money around class. In fact, the young student is said to have handed out hundreds of dollars to her fellow students. At the moment, its not yet known if the young girl did this to be generous to her classmates, or if it was an effort to brag about the money she had just found. Police have of course seized the money from the student. They are now hoping that someone can come forward to not only claim the money, but explain how they acquired it in the first place.