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Schwarzenegger Shriver: Divorce not been finalized, Not even in a hurry

Schwarzenegger Shriver divorce has not happened yet and for now it is believed they are not in a hurry to finally end things. According to TMZ on May 21, neither Arnold Schwarzenegger nor Maria Shriver are in a rush to divorce. Schwarzenegger and Shriver's divorce was imminent after the news that Arnold had cheated on her with their housekeeper and it turned out the Arnold had a son from the relationship. The two seemed like they were trying to make it work, but things eventually finally fell apart. What makes this strange is that the Schwarzenegger Shriver divorce is already worked out, the two are worth $400 million and have agreed to split everything down the middle. However, there is no hurry to sign the papers because neither individual is in need of the divorce proceedings. TMZ reports that another reason they have not signed the papers yet is because there is a chance they may still get back together. This comes as a shock, as Schwarzenegger has a girlfriend right now. Sou