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WBC brawl: Canadians and Mexico Deadly fight

The peaceful World Baseball Classic turned nasty Saturday when a full-scale brawl broke out, with seven players ejected and fans throwing at least two bottles from the stands at the games. "You can't hurt us Canadians,'' said Team Canada manager Ernie Whitt, after the first brawl in WBC history. The game, won 10-3 by Canada, sets up a showdown Sunday against Team USA with the right to advance to the second round along with Team Italy. Yet the game will be remembered for the ninth-inning brawl that had both managers urging WBC officials to change the tiebreaking format to eliminate run differential, encouraging teams to score as many runs as possible, despite the situation. via @metskevin11 "There's got to be another method other than running up the score on the opposing team,'' Whitt said. "No one likes that. That's not the way baseball's supposed to be played.'' Mexico, already frustrated with a 9-3 deficit in the ninth inning,