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Student brings $20K to school: Investigation On

When a student brings $20,000 to school, it makes top news headlines. Monday, a 6th grade girl in Taylor brought a backpack full of cash to school and began handing out $100 bills to classmates, according to a March 13 WXYZ report. There's been "Secret Santas" and even times in which Christmas came early for many people, but the story about a 6th grade student giving out $20,000 from a loaded backup tops them all. According to Taylor Police Department, it received a call from Taylor School District about the matter Monday. Upon arrival, they learned a student at the school was causing a big distraction by handing out hundreds of dollars to her classmates at the 6th Grade Academy Building. Reportedly, one student received a $100, while two others received $200 and $500 respectively. Police say the Michigan student told them she got the money from a neighbor across the street from her home. Imagine that? On the surface, it looks like there's a lot more to this story an