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Sinkhole swallows pond, Stuns whole nation

Sinkhole swallows pond, The sinkhole has swallowed a pond on Sunday stunning a local homeowner in Newcastle, Ca. Mark Korb has reported that he woke up on Sunday morning and noticed that the man-made pond in his garden had completely drained away. Korb has said, "This looks like the moon," according to NBC News. A massive sinkhole reportedly caused the water to drain. Korb has also described that a few years ago he manually drained the pond, and that it took him a full seven days to complete the draining. However, the sinkhole managed to drain the entire pond just overnight. "I would guess probably four to five hours for this whole area to drain," Korb said. The report comes just weeks after another sinkhole appeared in Tampa, Florida, just a few miles from yet another sinkhole that devoured a man as he laid in his bed at home. The second Florida sinkhole is not thought to pose an immediate danger to anyone, authorities reassured at the time. Hillsb