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Manhattan meteor

Manhattan meteor, The fireball as seen by Tom Hopkins of Hopkins Automotive Group in Maryland (AP Photo/Hopkins Automotive Group) Manhattan meteor, Last night on Social networking Twitter as well as Facebook lit up with word that a meteor had passed over Manhattan around 8 p.m. Since we were too busy catching up on Law & Order: SVU re-runs, we missed it entirely. But some people claimed to have captured video of the meteor passing over Manhattan—except the video below is actually from Virginia. But hey, it's still a cool video! There was a photo being passed around social media that unfortuantely was fake. And there was also this video, which most people seem to agree isn't real (or at least wasn't from last night): But a woman in Maryland did get footage of it on her security camera: According to The American Meteor Society , the meteor was actually more of a fireball—a fireball is a meteor that is larger than normal (most meteors are on