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GM stung by scorpion: Doug Melvin sought medical attention

Brewers general manager Doug Melvin sought medical attention after he was bitten by a scorpion Wednesday night in Phoenix Injuries to MLB general managers are piling up. Days after Yankees GM Brian Cashman broke his leg and ankle skydiving, Milwaukee Brewers boss Doug Melvin was hospitalized after he was stung by a scorpion Wednesday. The Chatham, Ont., native said he spent three hours in a emergency room in Scottsdale, Ariz., after trying to dispose of what he thought was a harmless bug in his condo. “It stung me right through the Kleenex,” Melvin told reporters. “My arm started swelling and then the numbness started going up my arm, like when you hit your funny bone. I was wondering if it might go all the way up my arm and go to my heart. I got nervous when it got up to my shoulder, so I went to the emergency room.” Despite having numbness in his left arm, Melvin was back at work Thursday. FURCAL DONE FOR SEASON Rafael Furcal’s season ended before it got started. The St. Louis C

Report: Jennifer Capriati arrest warrant sought

Jennifer Capriati An arrest warrant is being sought for Tennis Hall of Famer Jennifer Capriati, according to Gossip Extra. It seems the North Palm Beach Police Department, in Palm Beach, Fla., may be seeking a warrant after a February 14 incident. Capriati, a former women's tennis champion, allegedly ran into a former boyfriend, Ivan Brannan, at a gym, and the reunion didn't go well. The report says she struck him in the chest with her fist multiple times, before a yoga instructor intervened. At that time, Brannan reportedly took cover in the men's locker room and called 911. Once 911 was called, Capriati supposedly left. She was stopped by cops, who verified her identity and let her go. A spokesman with the Palm Beach County State Attorney's office declined to comment on the possibility of any warrant.