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The Kim Jong Who Cried Wolf

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (C) presides over an urgent operation meeting on the Korean People's Army Strategic Rocket Force's performance of duty for firepower strike at the Supreme Command in Pyongyang, early March 29, 2013. KCNA / REUTERS Isn’t it interesting that North Korea’s ever more extravagant military threats aren’t drawing much media attention in the U.S.? No one really expects a war to break out. But what if one does? What if Kim gets so far out on the ledge–with his threats to attack both South Korea and the US–that he can’t back down? It’s unlikely, but not impossible. Kim Jung Un’s current desperation is a direct result of Barack Obama’s response to the traditional North Korean strategy of making threats in order to get the rest of the world to sit down at the table and negotiate, an offer that usually yields some concessions. But Obama’s response is not to respond at all. He’s calling the North Koreans’ bluff. It is a logical stra