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Bon Jovi’s daughter, Heroin Overdose

Bon Jovi’s daughter, The 19-year-old daughter of rocker Jon Bon Jovi was arrested after allegedly overdosing on heroin. Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was arrested early Wednesday morning, after cops responded to a dorm room at Hamilton College, in upstate New York, where a female had allegedly overdosed on heroin and was unresponsive. Volunteer medical personnel were already at the scene when police arrived. Bongiovi was one of two college students arrested after a small amount of heroin was found at the scene. The singer’s daughter was arrested on misdemeanor charges including possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and criminally using drug paraphernalia. Bongiovi, who is currently at a hospital recovering, was eventually released from custody and will appear in court at a later date. The college gave details about the charges in a statement sent to FOX 411, noting the school is assisting police with the ongoing investigation. “On Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012, me

Bon Jovi’s daughter

Bon Jovi’s daughter, Atleast Four months after his life got turned upside down, Jon Bon Jovi talked about his daughter Stephanie Bongiovi's heroin overdose. In an interview with Katie Couric on "Katie" last Friday (March 15), the famed singer spoke about the night he learned of what happened to his daughter in her Hamilton College dorm room, calling it the "worst phone call ever." He then explained that until that night, he was unaware of his daughter's drug use and the scare they faced served as a wake up call for him. "The problem is much more prevalent than I know," the 51-year-old rocker said. "I cannot get over how many people I've met that said 'my son' or 'my daughter' … There is a lot of pressure on kids these days." Bon Jovi quickly added that Stephanie, 19, is doing a lot better since her hospitalization. "She's doing great and I appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers," he said and adde