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Millionaire 420 square feet

Millionaire 420 square feet, In television news, NBC’s the “Today” show featured a millionaire’s 420 square feet home. And what’s especially crazy is that the owner of the home is a millionaire who has recently decided to seriously downsize. Gra­ham Hill sold a tech start-up before the age of 30 for millions of dollars. And afterward, he wanted to enjoy the good life. That included buying a massive living space, filling it up with everything he could ever desire, and living what most rich people consider to be the good life. But in his TV interview, Hill suggested that that lifestyle wasn’t satisfying. In fact, he referred to it as wasteful. Now, Hill is living a much more simple life. And the millionaire 420 square feet home is exactly what Hill is looking for—less clutter and less material possessions to have to account for. “It’s easier to find things. It’s just overall simpler,” says Hill on the “Today” show. Walking around his very small, tight home, Hill is legitimately happy. H