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The Rascals reunited

The Rascals Reunited, The Rascals Reunited, The Young Rascals as they started out — may be an unknown or forgotten band for many but they mean a great deal to one leading musician: Steven Van Zandt. Van Zandt, the guitarist for the E Street Band and star of The Sopranos, has loved the band since going to see them in his first concert, taking along his New Jersey friend and future rock star Bruce It was 1965, at a skating rink in Keyport, and headlining that night were The Young Rascals, who were promoting their hit Good Lovin'. Van Zandt (then 14) and Springtseen (15) each paid $2.50 for their tickets."I'll never forget it. It was the most exciting night ever," Van Zandt told AFP's Mark Kennedy. "They were phenomenal live, really quite different than anybody else. And very, very influential to this day." Nearly half a century later, Van Zandt, 62, has found a way to repay The Rascals by taking the