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Hot for Teacher' lawsuit. filed against Michigan College

'Hot for Teacher' lawsuit, A "Hot for Teacher" lawsuit was filed against a college in Michigan and it has little to do with the popular Van Halen song. According to Fox News on March 15, a student sued Oakland University for banning him for writing an essay based on the lyrics to the popular song. According to the "Hot for Teacher" lawsuit, 57-year-old Joseph Corlett turned in an assignment calling for students to write "raw things, a personal diary that maybe we wouldn't want anyone to read." Corlett chose a topic that has been a curious taboo for years, a student's infatuation with their teacher. In the "raw" journal entry, Corlett wrote that one teacher reminded him of Ginger from the popular classic television series "Gilligan's Island" and another was hot, and not just because she was pregnant with a "bun in her oven." The teacher was offended and showed it to the dean who then expelled Corlett for th