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Tina Fey on Her Swimsuit Pictures: My Nightmare Came True

Tina Fey arrives at the Golden Globe awards ceremony in Beverly Hills on January 13, 2013. For people who saw the photos last week of a tankini-clad Tina Fey vacationing in Orlando, they were a welcome and rare glimpse of the busy writer-comedian in relaxation mode. For the 42-year-old mom of two, though, they were nothing short of mortifying. "My nightmare came true and I was photographed in my bathing suit in Florida. Thankfully, I was mostly submerged," the actress told USA Today. "It was at Disney World. I felt like it had to be another guest," she continued of the unknown shutterbug. Tina Fey plays with her daughter during a family vacation in Orlando, Florida on February 27, 2013.    In the pictures, a fit Fey — wearing a modest, navy blue, polkadot tankini top and matching swim shorts — plays around in a pool with adorable daughters Penelope, 19 months, and Alice, 7. The Bossypants writer, who hosted the Golden Globes in January and recently