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Mandy Moore Exits: Star cast of Comdey pilot

Add caption American Lady Mandy Moore left the Star cast of the ABC comedy pilot Pulling. The under the works TV comedy series is based on the British series that followed three dysfunctional women in their 30s and aired in the U.K. from 2006-2009. The U.S. version is being shot on a single-camera by director Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect.) Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, who also wrote and produced Bad Teacher starring Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz, are behind the script and serve as Pulling's executive producers. The reason may be behind Moore's exit is due to casting issues. The Tangled star seemed to be rather understanding of the whole ordeal. “Many things change quickly as a pilot moves into production,” Moore said. “And in this case, Lee and Gene moved the character in a different direction, it was clear this wasn’t right for me. Rather than jeopardize the show, I asked to step aside. They and ABC were very accommodating, and wish them all the best in the fal

Mandy Moore exits: new comedy pilot Pulling

Mandy Moore Exits comedy pilot Pulling Mandy Moore is making headlines after leaving ABC’s Popular comedy pilot Pulling. The project, written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky and directed by Jason Moore, revolves around three dysfunctional women in their 30s living their lives the way they want, even if society tells them they should have it all figured out by this point. Moore was to play one of them, Louise, who is optimistic and desperate to snag a husband. Moore was the first actor cast in a major role on the pilot, based on the praised 2006 British series. June Diane Raphael was cast as the lead and supporting actors were added. Word is those castings changed the dynamic, and Moore’s character evolved, leading to Moore’s exit. “Mandy is a pro, and has been very patient and accommodating with us,” Pulling producers said. “As we moved closer to production, it was clear we needed to go in a different direction for the character, and Mandy agreed to do what was best for the s