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Cheerleader stretcher

Cheerleader stretcher, The Atlanta Hawks cheerleader has been taken off the court on the stretcher after slipping and hitting her head during a dance routine in the second half of the team's 127-113 loss to the Dallas Mavericks Monday night. Cheerleader Kristen, whose last name was not released, was taken by paramedics to Atlanta Medical Center. She was released Monday night following examination by physicians, according to the team. Kristen is half of a pair of identical twins from Houston, who according to the team's website , has "a lucky pair of socks that I wear for every Hawks game." Unless they were in the laundry Monday night, she may want to reconsider that superstition. Although judging from the video, the fact that she escaped relatively unscathed might mean they were actually serving their purpose. Twins Kirsten and Kristen of the Atlanta Hawks cheerleaders (Photo: Nathan Bolster/Atlanta Hawks) In addition to her work on the court, Kri