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White supremacist killed

White supremacist killed, white supremacist ex-convict who died in a roadside gun battle with Texas police was being investigated for possible links to the deaths of a Colorado prisons chief and a pizza delivery man, law enforcement officials said on Friday. Police said that Evan Spencer Ebel, a 28-year-old parolee from Denver killed by police on Thursday after a high-speed car chase through Decatur, Texas, was being investigated in connection with the death of Tom Clements, executive director of the Colorado Department of Corrections. Clements, 58, was shot dead on Tuesday when he answered the door at his home near the community of Monument, in El Paso County about 45 miles south of Denver. Denver police have named Ebel as a suspect in the killing of pizza delivery man Nathan Leon in Denver two days earlier. Ebel was a member of a white supremacist prison gang, the 211 Crew, and had been paroled in the Denver area, a law enforcement official said. The Hornady 9-mm bullets Ebel f