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Raul Castro Continues to be Cuba president

Raul Castro C uba President Raul Castro said Sunday while he accepted a whole new five-year term that it's going to he be his last as Cuba's president, for the first time placing a date on the end of the Castro era. He tapped rising star Miguel Diaz-Canel as his top lieutenant and first in the type of succession. The 81-year-old Castro also said he hopes to create two-term limits and age caps for political offices like the presidency - a huge prospect for a nation led by Castro or his older brother Fidel since 1959 revolution. Some constitutional changes are to be so dramatic that they'll have to be ratified with the Cuban people a public referendum, he was quoted saying, though he added he has not been named president in order to destroy Cuba's socialist system. Cuba is a an instant of "historic transcendence," Castro told lawmakers in speaking of his decision to name Diaz-Canel for the No. 2 job. "It represents a definitive step up the configurat