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JFK airport evacuation: Terminal 4 evacuated

JFK airport evacuation , was made earlier today. There was evacuation following a bomb scare, Yahoo! News reported this Sunday, April 21, 2013. According to the report, a “suspicious package” led to Terminal 4 of the major airport being evacuated, though an airport spokesman later gave an “all clear” safety message some time later. Reuters added this afternoon that the JFK airport evacuation began to trend across top news headlines this weekend after the “suspicious package” and subsequent bomb scare was soon investigated by an NYPD bomb squad search. The package, fortunately, was discovered to be little more than a toothpaste tub that had been heavily wrapped in tape. Both airport employees and passengers have since been allowed back into the terminal. Yet especially after the marathon tragedy in Boston this week, it seems essential that any and all precautions for Americans' safety must be taken in terms of a bombing scare. The JFK airport evacuation was first reported af