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6th grader brings $20K to school

The 6th grader brings $20K to school is one top news headline that has caught quite a bit of the public’s attention this week, as Belge Info reported this March 13, 2013, that a middle school student brought almost $20,000 to school this week, while police are currently investigating how the cash was found by the young female. Under the news headline, “6th grader brings $20K to school”, sources report that officials from a Taylor, Michigan school are looking into the case of a 12-year-old girl bringing nearly $20,000 in cash in her backpack to class. The Taylor School District became aware that the middle school girl had brought the money to school after teachers saw the student handing out money to her peers. She reportedly gave one of her friends $200, and another $500, says the report. When a 6th grader brings $20K to school, it certainly raises many eyebrows, and the girl who’d brought the money in her backpack was soon brought in for questioning, added the report. The student sai