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Dave Grohl speech

Dave Grohl speech, Dave Grohl today gave the SXSW Keynote speech in which he touched on subjects ranging from his first encounter with Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein” to what he learned from the punk scene to admitting his love for “Gangnam Style.” You can watch the whole video here or listen to the audio on NPR. Some highlights: On what Nirvana had that other bands he played with at the time didn’t: ”They had songs. They had Kurt.” On  why Cobain’s dream for Nirvana came true: “It was honest, it was pure, it was real.” On success: “Guilt will destroy you as an artist.” On rating records and listening to guilty pleasures: ”Paging Pitchfork, we need you to define the value of a song? Who f***ing cares? Who’s to say what’s a good or what’s a bad voice?” In addition to giving the keynote speech and playing a gig tonight, Grohl will also be promoting his documentary “Sound City: Real to Reel.”