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Naked bathers flee fire

Naked bathers flee fire, Several naked bathers were recently forced to flee a fire in a Chinese bathhouse. Authorities said the blaze that ripped through a bathhouse in Leqing, Zhejiang province spread so rapidly that many people didn’t have a chance to put on their clothes. This caused several nude bathers to run out onto the street as fire consumed the building. “One minute I was soaking in the tub, the next I could smell smoke and hear screams. There was no time to get my clothes. I just ran for my life,” one naked bather who fled the fire explained. One person reportedly died in the blaze that consumed the bathhouse in China. Six people were injured as a result of the fire. Officials believe the problem started in a neighboring apartment. Reports indicate that the blaze soon spread the the rest of the block. This ultimately forced several naked people to flee from the bathhouse as the smoke and fire filled the building. “A gas pipe fractured in an apartment kitchen which then exp