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Chicken lays giant egg

Chicken lays giant egg, The chicken lays a giant egg in China and the story has gone viral. On March 19, UPI reported that the chicken laid a "3 in 1" egg -- and egg within an egg within an egg! According to the report, residents in the Chinese town are celebrating this "miracle" chicken who recently laid a monster of an egg that contained two yolks and another full egg (shell and all). The chicken has been laying larger than normal eggs lately, which is great in general, but this giant egg is something that is completely rare. The egg weighed almost 1/2 pound -- and that is significant for an egg -- and for the chicken that it came from. When a chicken lays giant egg, people become curious about how that's possible. Well, for starters, the chicken only eats rice. This isn't because she is on some special crash diet or because her owner is trying something knew. It's simply because the hen prefers rice over other chicken food. Her owner -- an 87-year-ol

Chicken lays giant egg, Very big one

A rice-eating chicken has laid a giant egg weighing nearly half a pound. Unfortunately for Easter-egg-painting Americans, the chicken is in Guizhou, in southwestern China. The fowl's owner told the media that the hen began laying the eggs about a week ago. When it struggled to lay its first gigantic egg, "she thought the hen was dying." Now it has laid several such beastly eggs. When villagers cracked open one of the latest, they found two yolks inside — and another regular-sized egg. They cracked that one open and found ... no new surprises, thank goodness. The owner said the only thing that distinguished this hen from her others was its diet. It prefers rice. This egg does not top the record for the largest chicken egg ever laid. In 2010, when Matilda the chicken, of Ipswich, England, laid an egg 3 1/2 inches high and 8.3 inches around, a Guinness World Records spokesman told the U.K. news website Metro: "The largest hen egg was a five-yolked egg measuring [12.2