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Actress sleeps in box, Tilda Sleeping under Box

Actress sleeps in box. Katherine 'Tilda' Swinton is an English actress known for both arthouse and mainstream films. Actress sleeps under a box is making strange celebrity news this weekend, as Zap2It reported this Saturday, March 23, that Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton is currently encased in a glass-like box on display within the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City for the next month at sporadic times. Under the headline, “Unusual art: Tilda Swinton, actress sleeps in box at MoMA”, Zap2It added that the original art piece was created by Swinton herself and artist Cornelia Parker. It is titled, “The Maybe.” Spectator are looking when tilda Sleeps under the box In this most recent Museum of Modern Art version, Tilda Swinton will sleep in the glass box at unannounced times throughout the month of April in New York City. It is reported that these sleeping times are so random that even MoMA itself remains uncertain when she will specifically appear. The actres