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S Korean hacking attack traced to China

A hacking attack that paralysed the computer systems of South Korean broadcasters and banks on Wednesday originated from a Chinese internet address, fuelling suspicion that North Korea may be behind the shutdowns of 32,000 computers. The Korea Communications Commission, which oversees telecoms and broadcasting, said on Thursday that a management server of Nonghyup Bank, one of the three affected institutions, was accessed by a Chinese IP address that generated malignant files. It added that the attacks into six infected institutions all came from a single entity and it was trying to track down the perpetrators. “There can be many inferences based on the fact that the IP address is based in China,” Park Jae-moon, the KCC’s head of network policy, told a briefing. “We’ve left open all possibilities and are trying to identify the hackers.” Experts believe many North Korean hackers operate from China, launching cyber attacks on South Korean organisations. Suspicion of North Korean involve