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Kerry Kennedy says she accidentally took her Ambien before crash

Kennedy, 53, says in a court filing she mistook her sleeping pill for daily thyroid medication The ex-wife of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants all charges from the July incident dropped This according to a 99-page motion that includes letters of support from famous friends and family like mother Ethel Kennedy Kerry Kennedy, daughter of late Robert F. Kennedy, is fighting to get charges against her of driving under the influence dropped by claiming she accidentally took her sleeping medication. Drugged driving: Kerry Kennedy was charged with driving under the influence in July and now says she accidentally took sleeping medication In New York court filings, Kennedy argued Friday she inadvertently took the drug zolpidem instead of her daily thyroid medication, prior to the July 13 incident. The filing claims the two bottles 'are virtually identical in size, shape and appearance.' Kennedy, who was once married to New York governor Andrew Cuomo, crashed her Lexus into a tr