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Last Hitler plotter dies

The Last Hitler Plotter Dies At 90, on Kleist was the last surviving Hitler plotter at the time of his death, just 22 at the time he became involved in the scheme to take down the Third Reich. Son of an early opponent of Adolf Hitler, Ewald von Kleist, the younger von Kleist took up arms against the Nazi regime in 1940, only to be wounded in 1943. As he healed from his injuries, the last Hitler plotter was approached by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who was arranging a plot to take out the Nazi leader in January of 1944. Many years later, Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist recalled telling the elder von Kleist that he had volunteered to not only involve himself in the dangerous plot to take Hitler down, but also to wear an explosive vest in order to complete the plan. He says his father ultimately agreed the potential sacrifice was necessary, and the last surviving Hitler plotter says his father replied: “Yes, you have to do this … Fathers love their sons and mine certainly did, and I had be

6-month-old shot, dies

6-month-old shot, dies The story of a 6-month-old shot, dies is making top news headlines this afternoon, as the Washington Post reported this Tuesday, March 12, that a 6-month-old baby girl was killed and her father were seriously injured in a likely gang-related shooting. Authorities are currently looking for the alleged gunman. Under the headline, “6-month-old shot, dies: Slain Chicago infant’s father a gang member with long criminal history”, sources report that infant Jonylah Watkins was shot no less than five times this Monday morning during an attack. She died this Tuesday morning, said officials. The 6-month-old’s father, Jonathan Watkins, is stable but still with serious injuries, having been shot in the side, face, and the buttocks. Witnesses said that the unknown attacker made his way to Jonathan Watkins while changing his daughter Jonylah’s diaper in the front seat. The tragic infant’s death came as a result of shootings in the lung, liver, shoulder, thigh, and bowel