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Report: Storage Wars lawsuit

The “Storage Wars” lawsuit heatedly continues this week, as Yahoo! TV News reported this Tuesday, March 12, that “Storage Wars” and the A&E Network has won the first round in a legal battle against Dave Hester, who argued in his lawsuit that the popular reality show is actually staged. In yesterday’s ruling, Judge Michael Johnson took sides with A&E’s “Storage Wars” on several key points, first dismissing Dave Hester’s argument that the Unfair Business Practices was violated by the network. Johnson similarly agreed with the show in the “Storage Wars” lawsuit for the ruling that any injunction against the TV series would in turn violate the First Amendment rights of A&E. Dave Hester first filed the “Storage Wars” lawsuit back in Dec. 2012. He claimed that he’d been fired from the show after alleging that the entire TV series was staged. What’s more, said Hester, is that the producers of the show actually plant very valuable items behind the scenes in the storage lockers bef