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Pope one lung: New Pope with single lung

The newest pope has one lung, making Pope Francis I the first ever to have that distinction. Add to that fact he is the first named Francis, or the first from South America, and it gives him plenty of firsts for the head of the Catholic Church. On Wednesday, the brand new Pope was seen via live breaking news reports on all major TV stations around the world. As he was revealed, more information came up including the fact he had just one lung. A report from via Yahoo! News on March 13 indicates that when he was a teenager, the new Pope had one of his lungs removed, but they don't give the exact reasons for it's removal. It's speculated he had this done due to an infection, back in a time when antibiotics were not as prevalent when it came to treating such infections. So in order to keep him healthy, his lung was removed as to keep the infection from spreading further. Newly elected Pope Francis I appears on the central balcony of St Peter's Basilica on Marc