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Sinkhole swallows pond, How Do Sinkholes occurred

Sinkhole swallows pond, Residents were very concerned after a sinkhole swallowed up a pond on Sunday stunning local residents in Newcastle, California. Local landowner, Mark Korb, has said he woke up on Sunday morning only to find the man-made pond on his land had completely disappeared, apparently it had drained away due to a massive sinkhole beneath the land. The sinkhole managed to drain the entire pond just overnight, with Korb saying, "I would guess probably four to five hours for this whole area to drain." The report comes just weeks after two massive sinkholes in Florida stunned the nation, with one of them swallowing up a man as he lay in his bedroom. So what are sinkholes and how do they occur? Sinkholes are basically depressions in the ground that form over time due to the combined forces of erosion and gravity. They have been known to reveal themselves gradually over time, although sometimes, like the cases in Florida, they can cause sudden collapses. Scientists s

Sinkhole swallows pond, How did that happend?

Sinkhole swallows pond, When he went to bed Saturday night, the pond was there. On Sunday, March 17 it was gone. So How does that actually happen? thats is possibily the question everyone is having in there mind. While northern California is no where near as prone to sinkholes as Florida (see USGS sinkhole map), one clue might be the fact that the pond was man-made. While sinkholes don't need a human trigger, changes in drainage due to construction or agricultural irrigation have been known to activate mass outbreaks of sinkholes in Florida and other parts of the country. As The Christian Science Monitor reported earlier this month after a Florida man was swallowed in his bed by a sinkhole, "Drought followed by heavy rains can also instigate sinkholes as heavy, water-logged earth presses down on limestone caves suddenly devoid of buoyant water. The two previous deaths attributed to sinkholes both involved professional well drillers whose activities cracked the top of limeston

Sinkhole swallows pond, Stuns whole nation

Sinkhole swallows pond, The sinkhole has swallowed a pond on Sunday stunning a local homeowner in Newcastle, Ca. Mark Korb has reported that he woke up on Sunday morning and noticed that the man-made pond in his garden had completely drained away. Korb has said, "This looks like the moon," according to NBC News. A massive sinkhole reportedly caused the water to drain. Korb has also described that a few years ago he manually drained the pond, and that it took him a full seven days to complete the draining. However, the sinkhole managed to drain the entire pond just overnight. "I would guess probably four to five hours for this whole area to drain," Korb said. The report comes just weeks after another sinkhole appeared in Tampa, Florida, just a few miles from yet another sinkhole that devoured a man as he laid in his bed at home. The second Florida sinkhole is not thought to pose an immediate danger to anyone, authorities reassured at the time. Hillsb

Sinkhole swallows pond

Sinkhole swallows pond, There was something missing when Mark Korb went outside Sunday morning. Most notably, the giant pond that had once been in his yard, which was now a gaping crater in the ground. The Newcastle, Calif., man says the manmade pond on his property fell into a sinkhole that sucked it up in a matter of hours. The speed at which the underground cavity devoured the pond was staggering. Korb noted, by contrast, for instance, that when he drained the pond years ago with a pump the process took seven days. A geology professor from nearby Sierra College attributed the sinkhole to old mining activity or a preexisting fracture rather than groundwater dissolving material.

Sinkhole swallows pond, Swallows Entire pond

Sinkhole swallows pond, When Mark Korb woke up Sunday morning, he noticed the man-made pond on his property didn't look the way it did when he went to bed. "This looks like the moon," said Korb, pointing at a sinkhole that caused a pond to drain onto his property. A few years ago, Korb drained the pond with a pump, he said. The project took him seven days to complete. The sinkhole emptied the pond much faster: "I would guess probably four to five hours for this whole area to drain," Korb said.