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Mother-of-two care worker fired for affair with boy of 16 at residential school

Places at the school cost the council up to £200,000 a year. x-husband was suspicious when teenager sent a romantic birthday card. It is thought Mrs Callaghan and the teenager are still in a relationship. Under investigation: Vicky Callaghan, 33, is being investigated by police after she allegedly conducted an affair with a boy she had been asked to help as a care worker A mother of two has lost her job as a care worker after being accused of starting an affair with a troubled teenager. Vicky Callaghan, 33, is believed to have been assigned the boy at a residential school where she worked to help tackle his ‘attachment issues’. But she is understood to have been dismissed after allegedly beginning a secret relationship with the 16-year-old, who had been placed there by social workers. The pair are still thought to be in a relationship, and Mrs Callaghan was last night being investigated by police over whether her behaviour constituted a criminal offence. Meanw