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Marco Rubio 'bigot': Opposing same gender marriage

Is Marco Rubio a ‘bigot?’ Some may think so based on his stance on gay marriage, but the potential 2016 presidential candidate is publicly denying any such claims. On Thursday, March 14, news broke that Rubio spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference about two hot button topics—gay marriage and abortion. And because the Republican party is perceived by some as being close-minded on both issues, Rubio took the time to try and separate himself from others in the party that may be giving him a bad name. Rubio also made sure to say that while he may not agree with you on your beliefs towards gay marriage and abortion, he believes that two parties on opposing spectrum of these topics can agree to disagree in a polite, respectful manner. "In order to work together with people you disagree with, there has to be mutual respect," the Florida Republican told the annual, three-day conference in National Harbor, Md. "That means I respect people that disagree with