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Mob Wives star Playboy

Mob Wives star Playboy, Wives Chicago star Pia Rizza really wanted a part in Playboy. On March 18, TMZ reported that the magazine has turned her down and doesn't want her in their magazine. Do you think she is sexy enough to be in the magazine? Pia found out that someone wanted to sell her nude shots, but instead she wanted to be in charge of it and release them on her own. She contacted Playboy to see if they wanted to help her out but they do not want any part of it. All that they are saying is that they are not interested. That doesn't mean that Pia Rizza of "Mob Wives" won't have her nude pictures out there for the world to see. It is very possible that they will be released or sold to a magazine. A lot of places will pay big dollars for nude pictures of a reality TV star so don't stop looking for them now. Do you think that they should be out there for everyone to see?