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Lohan misses flight, Had to Appear in LA Court

Lohan misses flight, Lindsay Lohan's travel history is as sketchy as her driving history ... and her rehab history ... and her dating history ... and TMZ has learned she missed a flight to Los Angeles last night, with her court date looming Monday. LiLo is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow to begin her trial for allegedly lying to cops last summer following her crash on PCH. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Lindsay MUST be there in person or else a bench warrant will be issued. Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she had a flight scheduled from NY to LA yesterday at around 9:00 PM ET ... but skipped it. Instead, Lindsay was at a club in New York to see a band called City of the Sun. We're told Lindsay is trying to schedule a flight for later today, but has yet to do so. Lindsay's history of missing flights is rather prolific -- she missed a court date in 2010 after she claimed to lose her passport. Last April, Lindsay missed her flight to the White House Corresp