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'Natural' Woman Dies

'Natural' Woman Dies, The lady has inspired a novel and a movie starring Robert Redford when in 1949 she lured a major league ballplayer she'd never met into a hotel room with cryptic note and shot him, nearly killing him. After the headlines faded, Ruth Ann Steinhagen did something else just as surprising: She disappeared into obscurity, living a quiet life unnoticed in Chicago until now, more than a half century later, when news broke that she had died three months earlier. Reported Webpronews... The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed Friday that Steinhagen passed away of natural causes on December 29, at the age of 83. First reported by the Chicago Tribune last week, her identity was a surprise even to the morgue employees who knew about the 1984 movie ''The Natural,'' in which she was portrayed by actress Barbara Hershey. ''She chose to live in the shadows and she did a good job of it,'' John Theodore, an author who wrot

Natural' woman dies, Barbara Hershey Character

'Natural' woman dies, The woman who played Barbara Hershey's character was based on in the 1984 movie “The Natural” has died, according to a March 17 report by the Associated Press. Hershey brought baseball groupie Ruth Ann Steinhagen to life in the popular Robert Redford movie about a baseball player whose Major League career hits a major snag when he gets shot by an obsessed female fan. The woman Barbara Hershey's killer character was based on in "The Natural" has died The object of Ruth Ann Steinhagen’s obsession was Eddie Waitkus, the Chicago Cubs' handsome first baseman. In 1949, she lured him into a hotel room and shot him in the chest with a rifle. Waitkus survived and continued to play ball while Steinhagen only served three months in a mental institution for her crime. According to The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office, she passed away of natural causes on Dec. 29 at the age of 83 after fading into obscurity. Barbara Hershey’s char