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Swedish filmmaker ‘is looking forward to giving evidence’ next month after being arrested for filming the wreckage of doomed ferry MS Estonia

A Swedish filmmaker has revealed that he is looking forward to giving evidence next month after being arrested for filming the wreckage of doomed ferry MS Estonia. Henrik Evertsson will appear in court in Gothenberg on January 27, accused of breaching an international treaty, which declared the site a marine grave and prohibited any exploration of the wreck. But the film director, who faces a two-year jail sentence if found guilty, believes that he did not contravene the 1995 treaty, signed by the governments of Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Russia and the UK. He went to extraordinary lengths to avoid prosecution: he and his crew chartered a German boat because it was the only Baltic state not to sign the treaty and sent down a camera attached to an underwater drone. ‘I’ve been DNA tested and hauled in for an interview with the Swedish police and now on January 27, I will be going to court in Guttenberg,’ he told the Mail online. Swedish journalist Henrik Evertss

Back to square one: Chris Whitty appears in new TV advert warning people to 'stay at home, protect the NHS' just like during first lockdown as deaths soar to record levels

A new TV advert fronted by Professor Chris Whitty is urging everyone in England to stay at home in a throwback to the messaging during the first lockdown. The chief medical officer is the face of the ad which is part of a campaign encouraging the public to control the spread of Covid-19. It comes as a third vaccine in the fight against coronavirus was approved for use as the UK recorded its highest number of Covid-19 deaths reported on a single day. Today 1,325 people died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19 - the highest number of UK deaths reported on a single day since the outbreak began. There were a further 68,053 lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus in Britain, the highest figure reported in a single day since the start of mass testing last May. Meanwhile in London, mayor Sadiq Khan declared a 'major incident' as the spread of coronavirus threatens to 'overwhelm' the capital's hospitals. Elsewhere in the crisis: A new TV advert fronted by Professor

'Dead' man turns up alive four days after his funeral - to the shock of wife who misidentified a body in morgue and buried unknown coronavirus victim in Honduras

A 'dead' man has turned up alive four days after his funeral, much to the shock of his wife who misidentified a body in the morgue and buried an unknown coronavirus victim in Honduras.    Victoria Sarmiento had spent several days looking for husband Julio after the 65-year-old had failed to return home. Last Wednesday (Dec 30) the worried housewife, from El Carmen, Honduras, took his identity documents to the local hospital, where staff told her he had recently died from coronavirus. Julio Sarmiento surprised his wife after he turned up four days after a funeral was held for him in Honduras. She had misidentified a body in the morgue and buried an unknown coronavirus victim in Honduras She reportedly then recognised the body of the man in the morgue of the Hospital de Occidente, before it was released for burial. Mrs Sarmiento hired a funeral directors to transfer the man's body 30 miles from the hospital to her rural village in the country's western municipality of Sa

Covid marshal is sacked for chasing down an innocent man, 'aggressively' searching him and threatening him with ARREST while he was on his way home from the shops

A Covid marshal has been removed with 'immediate effect' after carrying out an 'aggressive' stop and search on a man heading home from the shops. Floyd Langridge, 44, was smoking his cigarette as he walked home with supplies when he says he was approached by a Covid marshal. He said the man 'abused' his position and chased and grabbed him outside a Waitrose in Tonbridge, Kent. The part time cleaner was left 'shaken' by the incident after he was falsely accused of smoking cannabis, then threatened with arrest and filmed on a body camera. Floyd Langridge, 44, was smoking his cigarette as he walked home with supplies when he says he was approached by a Covid marshal He said the man 'abused' his position and chased and grabbed him outside a Waitrose in Tonbridge, Kent (general view) Mr Langridge told Kent Online: 'There were crowds of people going into the post office and not social distancing, but the two marshals were not interested in that at

Japan is ordered to pay Korean women who its soldiers held as sex slaves $90,000 each in landmark ruling over atrocities

Japan has been ordered to pay $90,000 each to twelve South Korean women who were held as sex slaves during World War II in a landmark ruling on Friday. The ruling in a South Korean court, that's set to rekindle animosities between the Asian neighbors, ordered Japan to financially compensate the women who were forced to work as sex slaves for Japanese troops. Known as 'comfort women', they were raped and sexually assaulted by up to 50 Japanese soldiers a day during the second world war and left with venereal diseases, unwanted pregnancies and 'big mental scars' in the women's lives. The court said Japan's mobilization of these women as sexual slaves was 'a crime against humanity.'  The Seoul Central District Court ordered the Japanese government to give 100 million ($91,360) each to the 12 aging women who filed the lawsuits in 2013 for their wartime sexual slavery. Japan immediately protested the ruling, maintaining that all wartime compensation issue

Shocking moment a teenager, 17, is hit by a speeding van before being thrown into a brick wall leaving him fighting for life

The shocking moment an alleged drug-addled driver mounts a footpath at high speed throwing a teenager 20m into a wall has been caught on dash-cam footage. The 17-year-old boy was walking home from Casula train station with a friend when a grey Kia Carnival suddenly veered across two lanes of traffic on the Hume Highway and mounted the kerb at 12.40pm on Thursday. With no warning and nowhere to run, the van can be seen smashing into the teen at high speed, with the exact moment of impact too distressing to show readers. Dash-cam footage captured the moment, seconds before impact, that the two young men walked innocently up the footpath, not knowing that one of them would not make it home After hitting the 17-year-old teenager the Kia van continued its path of destruction down the footpath, smashing fences, sign posts and thick wooden palings for more than 100m  The boy was flung into the air travelling 20m into the side of a brick house, leaving him fighting for his life with critical h

EXCLUSIVE: Trump supporters call dead MAGA mobster Ashli Babbitt a martyr and say her death was 'the first shot in a revolution'- and plan to return to D.C. on SATURDAY- as their 'locked and loaded' plan to storm Capitol is revealed in social media posts

The Trump supporter shot dead by Capitol Hill police as she attempted to climb through a broken window into the Capitol is being hailed a martyr by online extremists who have described the bullet that killed her as, 'the first shot in a revolution,' can reveal. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, 35, was killed as Trump loyalists stormed Congress Wednesday, halting President-elect Joe Biden's confirmation with violence and destruction that left four of the mob dead and sent shockwaves around the world. Now a murder hunt is under way for the pro-Trump rioters who killed Capitol Hill officer Brian Sicknick, who died late Thursday after apparently being hit over the head with a fire extinguisher. But far from being chastened, 'Stop the Steal' conspiracy theorists, right-wing militia groups and white supremacists are 'focused on trying to keep the energy up.'  And we can reveal that, as outrage grows over lax security that allowed protesters to breeze