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Microsoft can learn from Sony's PS4

PlayStation4 Look - Crazy imagination on Internet Press events are a tricky beast. No-one ever said these folks were easy to display. Though Sony casting the very first stone in the next-generation video gaming war, Microsoft can study a lot from what worked and what didn't. Once the lights went up, Sony execs were shaking hands and congratulating one another. However the packed house on the Hammerstein Ballroom wasn't exactly taking part in exactly the same adulation. Instead, it was playing a heap of unanswered questions, most notably having less physical hardware as well as a price tag. Chances are it's safe to visualize Microsoft will strike back by having an event of the own, possibly prior to company's E3 2013 press conference. If that's the case, one-upping Sony's released party mustn't be much of a problem. This is what Microsoft are able to do: Provide us with a box and provides us an expense This one's a no-brainer. Sure, the PS4 and next