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Yankees Brokeback Mountain

Yankees Brokeback-Mountain, During today's Yankees-Cardinals spring training game, play-by-play announcer Jon Sciambi attempted to start a conversation about how old and bad the Yankees are with his broadcast partner, Doug Glanville. Things got weird in a hurry, because Doug Glanville has either never seen Brokeback Mountain, or he has no idea how analogies work. Reported Yahoo! NEWS... There are many things you can say about the 2013 New York Yankees. They're injured, beat-up, aging, not the favorites in the AL East anymore, etc. But here's one thing that nobody said about them until now: They're like "Brokeback Mountain." That's the expert analysis of ESPN's Doug Glanville, who was calling the Yankees/Cardinals game on Monday. His full quote: "They have basically Brokeback Mountain going over here. I mean everybody's on the disabled list or hurt in some form or fashion." Brokeback Mountain, of course, is the 2005 Oscar-nominated film