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Least-safe cities

Least-safe cities, A recent poll found that residents around Memphis, Tenn. were the least likely to feel safe walking alone at night, while Minneapolis-St. Paul residents said they were most likely to feel safe. Only around 55 percent of Memphis residents said they felt safe walking alone at nighttime, a poll from Gallup found. In New Orleans, around 59 percent of residents felt safe, while only 61 percent of Riverside-San Bernardino, Calif., residents said they felt safe, Gallup says. Sixty-three percent of Houston residents and 63 percent of Jacksonville, Fla., residents felt secure. In contrast, 80 percent of those who lived in the Minneapolis area said they felt secure. Regarding the most safe cities, 78 percent of Denver residents felt safe; 78 percent of Raleigh, North Carolina residents felt a sense of security; 77 percent of Boston residents felt the same; 77 percent of Salt Lake City residents said they felt safe; and 77 percent of Austin, Texas residents felt likewise, acco