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Gerald D. Klee dies: Retired Psychiatrist, LSD Expert

Dr. Gerald Klee Gerald D. Klee, a retired psychiatrist who was an LSD expert and participated in experimentation on volunteer servicemen at several military installations in the 1950s, died March 3 at a medical center in Towson, Md. He was 86. He had complications from surgery, said a son, Kenneth A. Klee. Dr. Klee made headlines in 1975 when he confirmed published reports that the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Psychiatric Institute had been involved in secret research between 1956 and 1959, when hundreds of Army soldiers were given lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD. He said that the Army also experimented with other hallucinogens as part of a wide-ranging chemical weapons research program. Dr. Klee explained that the Army had negotiated a contract in 1956 with Jacob E. Finsinger, director of the U-Md. Psychiatric Institute, to conduct physiological and psychological tests on the soldiers. “A large proportion of the people who have gotten involved in research in thi