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Boy admits Kutcher prank

Prosecutors say a 12-year-old boy has admitted making a prank 911 call that drew police to Ashton Kutcher's home. The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office says the boy admitted responsibility for making a false bomb threat and computer intrusion. He will be sentenced at a later date. Prosecutors say the boy is also accused of making false 911 calls involving Justin Bieber's house and a bank. Those charges will likely be dismissed, but the district attorney's office says the allegations will be considered when the boy is sentenced. The boy's identity has not been released. His calls were among several targeting celebrities in the Los Angeles area in recent months in a practice known as "swatting." The pranks are intended to draw large police responses, including SWAT teams.

Teen Boy admits Kutcher prank: Ashton Kutcher hoaxes

Ashton Kutcher A 12-year-young teen boy was admitted to targeting Ashton Kutcher's home in a burglary prank. Law enforcement rushed to the star's Arrowhead Drive mansion after receiving a distress call from a person who claimed they were the victim of a violent home invasion robbery. The 'swatting' prank last October cost Los Angeles taxpayers more than $US10,000 ($12,000) in wasted police manpower and other resources. According to TMZ, the youngster "confessed to two felony counts in connection with swatting pranks [a deliberate attempt to trick an emergency service into dispatching a response team] against Ashton and a bank, including making a false report in an emergency and computer intrusion". The un-named boy was also charged with targeting pop superstar Justin Bieber, but did not admit to that count. A representative for the district attorney told TMZ the charge will likely be dismissed when he is sentenced. It was previously claimed that the boy