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Jon Hamm rumor, Gets ground as 'Mad Men'

Jon Hamm rumor, A Jon Hamm that the actor was ordered to wear underwear in an effort to tone down the bulge of his private parts on-screen is trending online. According to a March 21 report on Los Angeles Times, an AMC insider close with the situation claims Hamm had been wearing underwear to minimize the distraction of his man parts in "Mad Men" season 6. Hamm plays the lead role of Don Draper on the highly popular series based on the professional and personal lives advertising executives in New York City. The insider went on to reveal that several promotional photos for "Mad Men" had to be digitally edited in order to hide the "distracting" areas on Hamm. When Hamm was asked about the rumors circulating like crazy about this latest news flash, he shrugged off the question. Hamm said he had heard about the rumor, "but I don't need to talk about that," he said In a Star magazine report last year there was a Jon Hamm rumor similar t