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Convicted drug felon on the run for three years is captured after calling 911 to say he'd been bitten by a rattlesnake

An Idaho fugitive who has been on the lam for three years was captured in Oregon last week after calling 911 to report that he had been bitten by a rattlesnake.  Just before 7pm on Thursday, the Baker County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a man saying he was lost in the Hells Canyon area, was on foot, and had been bitten by a rattlesnake, according to a press release from the agency.  The caller gave the emergency dispatcher a false name, but he was later identified as 33-year-old Ryan Henry and was determined to have a felony warrant out of Idaho. Idaho fugitive Ryan Henry, 33, was captured in Oregon after calling 911 to report he had been bitten by a rattlesnake  Deputies responded to the area of Hewitt Park near Richland, Oregon, on Thursday night after learning that Henry had a warrant out for his arrest out of Idaho As the Baker County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team was preparing to be dispatched, it was decided to scrap the rescue mission based on Henry's crim

Utah authorities search for California mom, 38, who went missing six days ago during trip to Zion National Park

Utah authorities are desperately searching for a mother who disappeared six days ago during a visit to Zion National Park. Zion National Park Rangers along with Washington County Sheriff's Office are continuing to investigate the disappearance of Holly Suzanne Courtier. The 38-year-old was last seen on October 6 around 1.30pm police said.  Utah authorities are desperately searching for Holly Suzanne Courtier , 38, of California, who disappeared six days ago during a visit to Zion National Park In an Instagram post Sunday night, Courtier's daughter, Kailey Chambers (pictured left, with her mother) wrote that rangers informed her that 'unless they gather additional intel they will only be continuing their search for 1-2 more days' 'She was possibly dropped off by a private shuttle bus at the Grotto parking area within Zion National Park,' police said in a statement.  Authorities said that Courtier's intended travel plan is still unknown.  In an Instagram post

'My husband just stabbed my children': Wife's harrowing 911 call to report her husband for killing their nine-year-old twin girls before taking his own life

Police have released a distressing 911 call in which a frantic mother can be heard telling an emergency dispatcher that her husband had just stabbed their nine-year-old twins before taking his own life.  The Placentia Police Department has identified the father at the center of the double murder-suicide case as 41-year-old Timothy Takehara.  The violence was reported shortly before 12.40am on October 7 in a typically quiet neighborhood in Placentia, 25 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. Twins Sarah and Audrey Takehara, aged nine, were stabbed to death in California last week by their father, Timothy (pictured above with the girls and his wife), police said  Police in California have identified Takehara, 41 (left and right), as the father who stabbed to death his nine-year-old twin daughters and then himself  'My husband just stabbed my children,' the audibly distraught mother of the girls said on the recording to the 911 call. 'With what, ma'am?' the dispatc

Brazilian authorities launch search for drug kingpin after top judge overturns his release just hours after he was freed from prison

Police in Sao Paulo have launched a hunt for the purported leader of one of Brazil's biggest criminal organizations who went on the run after being freed from prison the previous day on a judge's order that was revoked a few hours later. André Oliveira Macedo, 43, the alleged chief of the Primeiro Comando da Capital crime gang, was being held following his arrest in September 2019 on charges of organizing large shipments of cocaine to Europe. Marco Aurélio Mello, one of 11 justices on Brazil's Supreme Court, granted a habeas corpus request Saturday that allowed Macedo to leave a Sao Paulo prison on the ground his detention awaiting trial had exceeded the time allowed by law.  André Oliveira, one of the alleged leaders of the Primeiro Comando da Capital, Brazil's biggest criminal organization, was freed from jail Saturday before his released was rescinded by the top Supreme Court judge Hours later, the president of the high court, Luiz Fux, suspended the decision and o

Sage experts say Test and Trace is having a 'marginal' impact on tackling the virus as the system neither tests nor traces enough people – and is too often ignored even when it works

Sage experts say Test and Trace is having a 'marginal' impact on tackling the virus because the system neither tests nor traces enough people.  The £12 billion programme will 'further decline' unless it grows at the same rate as the epidemic, the scientific advisory group warned in documents released on Monday. Boris Johnson has promised the scheme would be 'world beating', while experts and politicians alike see it as a major way of reducing the severity of restrictions imposed during the crisis. 'The relatively low levels of engagement with the system... coupled with testing delays and likely poor rates of adherence with self-isolation suggests that this system is having a marginal impact on transmission at the moment,' they wrote. The criticism, voiced in a summary of a review of measures on September 21, will increase the pressure on Baroness Harding (pictured outside the Health Department last month), the Conservative peer in charge of Test and Trac

Does this doctored letter sink claims that Admiral Nelson backed slavery? As the National Maritime Museum reviews his 'heroic status' in light of Black Lives Matter, a leading expert claims he has found proof that blows a hole in the case

Written aboard HMS Victory, the letter on yellowing parchment offers a glimpse into the mind of one of our greatest national heroes. Admiral Horatio Nelson penned the missive to a slave-owning plantation owner in the West Indies just four months before he was fatally wounded at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.  Little did Nelson know the long shadow that letter would cast over his reputation. For more than 200 years, the words it contained have aligned him with those who supported the unspeakable trade in human beings, who made their fortunes out of it and who fiercely contested its abolition. Today, the Mail can reveal that the letter is a forgery.  A letter which appeared to show Lord Admiral Nelson's support for slavery has been revealed to be a forgery, created by anti-abolitionists in an attempt to keep the trade alive And the timing could not be more fortuitous, coming as the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich announces that it is to review the ‘heroic status’ of Nelson be

Moment speeding Tesla slams into California home during police pursuit before driver flees leaving behind injured female passenger

Police in California are searching for a driver of a speeding Tesla who crashed into a home during a high-speed police pursuit and then fled the wreckage on foot, leaving behind an injured passenger. The California Highway Patrol had reportedly attempted to pull over the currently unidentified motorist, who was driving black Tesla Model 3, at around 9:20pm for reckless driving on the westbound 10 Freeway, in Covina, on Saturday night. Officers reportedly called off the pursuit after three minutes because the motorist continued to drive recklessly at speeds of around 90 mph, before exiting on Azuza Avenue, Sergeant Camrin Servio said. Moments later, police said they observed debris on surface streets and found that the Tesla had slammed into the garage of a home near the intersection of Workman and Hollenbeck avenues. Scroll down for video  Police in California are searching for a driver of a speeding Tesla who crashed into a home during a high-speed police pursuit and then fled the wre

Body of paddleboarder, 30, is recovered from Colorado reservoir after she was blown off the craft in 45mph winds and into the cold water

Colorado authorities have identified the body of a female paddle boarder reported to be in distress and missing at a state park Sunday afternoon. Authorities identified the woman as Mireille Audet, 30, of Denver, Colorado, the Denver Post reported Monday.  Audet's body was recovered, using sonar equipment, from the Chatfield Reservoir at Colorado's Chatfield State Park at 7.16pm Sunday, by Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Marine Evidence Recovery Team. Authorities said the body of Mireille Audet, 30, was recovered from Colorado's Chatfield Reservoir after she and a friend were blown off their paddleboards in high winds Sunday Authorities are seen during their search for Audet, who went missing at about 3.30pm Sunday Authorities then used sonar equipment to find Audet's body, which was recovered at 7.16pm Authorities said Audet and a friend - a woman who was not named - had been out paddleboating when they were blown off their watercraft and into the water at about 3.30

Tourism Australia splurges $7MILLION on 'Holiday Here this Year' campaign starring Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake - even though interstate travel has been smashed by coronavirus lockdowns

Tourism Australia has spent $7million on a brand new campaign starring Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake to push people to take regional holidays. The homegrown power couple are in lockdown in Melbourne, but are still urging travellers to book their next domestic holiday. Stage four restrictions have been in effect across metropolitan Melbourne since August 2, meaning five million people have been unable to leave their house, let alone take a vacation.   The campaign, Holiday Here this Year, launched on Tuesday across print, social media, radio and outdoor advertising. It showcases big-ticket, popular destinations as well as those that are less familiar.  Tourism Australia has spent $7million on a brand new campaign starring Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake to push people to take regional holidays The couple say it's not exactly a tough sell as everyone 'feels like a holiday right now'. Pictured: Zoe and Hamish on Whitehaven Beach in Queensland Hamish and Zoe are excited