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Blake Shelton rumors

Blake Shelton rumors, Rumors that Blake Shelton is cheating on Miranda Lambert have been swirling for awhile now. On March 18, Yahoo posted saying that the two are laughing them off and can't wait to hear if they make it. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are not taking these rumors serious at all. They know that their marriage is good. Plus if Blake is smart at all he knows Miranda has a mean side and she is the last woman that you would want to cheat on if you are married to her. Rumors are he was cheating with Cady Groves and you can learn more about her in this article. View slideshow: Blake Shelton The two were teasing back and forth on Twitter saying that they can't wait to see if they make it and Blake even said he is making her funnier. They like to tease these things on Twitter because they know that they simply are not true. Blake and Miranda are doing just fine. They aren't together as much as they would like while he is on "The Voice" but they are mak