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'SNL' cast crisis: Cast members exits makes new season scary

 'SNL' cast crisis: Cast members exits makes new season scary. On this "Saturday Night Live," there is a cast crisis coming. Bill Hader did his last show this weekend and Kristen Wiig left last season. Everyone is moving on to new things. On May 19, LA Times reported about the crisis that could be coming next season. "SNL" is going to have no choice but to replace some of the cast next season. This show has been around for 38 seasons though and they always seem to find a new person that is great for the cast. The other problem they have is that Seth Meyers is moving on and won't be writing for the show anymore. Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan should be really helpful during the 2013-2014 season of the show. They are great additions to the cast and will probably become front runners. They are still going to have to find some new people to add to the show. What would you think that "SNL" is going to have a cast crisis next season? Sound off in